Military RPL

Due to our extensive training and development experience from 24 years service with the ADF, we decided to provide a service to current and former serving members of the ADF, NZ Defence Force, Canadian Forces, British Armed Forces and US Military Forces. To achieve this we forged a professional relationship with the College for Law, Education & Training as their Military RPL Consultants.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Your experience as a serving member of Australian Defence Force (and others) may be extensive, or just commencing; You may be a current or former member. Regardless, the roles and tasks performed everyday can now be converted to Australian Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

Learning & Development Solutions is committed to recognising military experience, skills, knowledge, attitudes and formal training to provide current and former military members with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards one or more of the following Nationally Recognised Qualifications:

Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Government
– Specialisations in Management, HRM, Injury Rehab Management, Investigations, Fraud, Security, Personnel Vetting, Statutory Compliance and Boarder Protection.

Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Business Administration
Certificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Business
Certificate IV and Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety
Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management
Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Human Resource Management
Diploma of Project Management and Quality Auditing

Public Safety
Advanced Diploma Public Safety (Police Investigations)
Diploma & Advanced Diploma Public Safety (Emergency Management)

Security and Risk Management
Certificate II & III in Security Operations
Certificate IV & Diploma of Security and Risk Management

Training and Education
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
Diploma in Vocational Education & Training
Diploma in Training Design & Development

Certificate IV, Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Corrections

How does it work?

The RPL process is not where you just buy a qualification. It is a formal and well known Government assessment process where recognition is provided for those who have the knowledge, skills, attitudes, previous education and training that satisfy the criteria for each unit within one or more qualifications.

We know that military personnel are well-qualified candidates for a high level of recognition towards a range of relevant qualifications.

The qualifications are Nationally Recognised and may be used for employment in relevant public and private sector industries throughout Australia.

Military RPL Process

Firstly, our Military RPL process is free. Unlike some organisations, we don’t charge you for the process. You only pay for the qualification, if one is awarded.

Secondly, there is no paperwork on your end, we do it for you, and you simply supply the evidence we need, electronically.

We can provide initial advice based off your PMKeyS Service Record. Unlike other organisations, we don’t just look at your course history we look at your entire service. Especially posting history, promotion history, deployment history, competencies and H&A. We even look at the annual (death via PowerPoint) ADF Mandatory Training. This is why we ask for your PMKeyS Long Printout – or your nations military service record.

From there we commence your full RPL assessment. During this you may be asked for PDF copies of:

  • Annual (or Special) Performance Appraisal Reports
  • Current position statement
  • Records of Attainment
  • MRM Reports (for OHS Qualifications)
  • Third Party Report (usually for Diggers and those who do not get PARs)

To speed up the process, SF, NPC, MP, SECPOL, RI, MI, PTI, ADG, and specialist RAN Rates have been pre mapped.

Once completed we forward your file to the college and they issue the formal results. You then pay the college for the award of the qualification.

Security or Privacy Concerns?

If your trade is covered by National Security restrictions – relax there is no concern. Having held negative vet clearance and worked with SOCOMD, I can translate your qualifications into English without jeopardising your security requirements. All evidence collected by us is UNCLASSIFIED and our work is protected by the Privacy Act.

Enquiries or Requests for RPL

If you have any questions or requests for Military RPL contact us.